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 Heart of Texas Builders Association
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 Scott Bland President 254-644-2969


 Mike Schmidt, American Bank 254-412-2000
 Phillip Perkins, Alliance Bank 254-740-8000 
 Tanner Moore, Extraco Banks 254-761-2000


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Ret. Hon. Larry McDonald: 254-223-1371
Ret. Hon. Billy Martin: 254-709-3482
Johnny Price: 254-709-6228

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Koch Consulting, James Koch: 254-366-4538


I would highly recommend Prime Construction/Yancy Marteney for your new home build.  As I boast to all my friends “my builder builds really excellent quality homes”  When the trades would come though to install window treatments, gutters…etc….they would always comment on the extensive punch list other new home owners had told them about with their new build.  I thankfully have always been able to respond with “not me, my builder he really builds quality homes & I have had no issues”. 

Buying from Prime Construction is an excellent investment, I have been able to get top dollar for my home because Prime Construction built it.  Yancy has an excellent reputation of being a quality builder, that makes a huge difference when you are building a home.  You can rest assured if Yancy built it you are getting an excellent home, that will last the test of time.

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